Bromeso Model 365, Emil Broch Edition

Bromeso Model 365 (Bromeso Extra), Box with connection to Emil Broch

In August of 2019, my wife found this Bromeso razor on the web. It’s owner is the Norwegian Hallingdal Museum. Vibeke Hjønnevåg, Senior Consultant at the responsible foundation Buskerudmuseet was so kind to provide me with these photos. The razor is marked with the number 365 on the back of the tang and has shells of bone or bone-imitating celluloid. On the blade the words “Bromeso Extra” are engraved. The extraordinary thing here, however, is the box on which not only the lettering “Emil Broch / Merscheid – Solingen” is engraved, but even a company logo in form of a coat of arms, which depicts the intertwined letters E – B – M – S. This Bromeso is, in my opinion, one of the oldest specimens from Emil Broch’s production. Presumably he used his name and the coat of arms only very briefly.

Handle materialCelluloid, Bone
Handle inlay
Blade steel?
Blade width5/8"
Blade engravingBromeso Extra
Tang engraving front"Bromeso" (in elipse)
Tang engraving back365
OwnerHallingdal Museum, Nesbyen / Norway
(formerly owned by a Nesbyen Citizen)