The model numbers – a thesis

On the tang and / or the box of some razors by Emil Broch there are engraved two- or three-digit model numbers. For a long time, the principle of this numbering was not clear to me. But a beautiful Kain-Abel model with the model number “77 ½” made me think about this topic once more. As I found it unlikely that Emil Broch had used “half” model numbers, I came up with the idea that this specific razor might be model 77, and that maybe two different models of this one exist. Thus, model 77 ½ might be read like “model 77, 1 of 2”, and thus be variant 1 of model no. 77.

This could further mean that all other razors might just have two-digit model numbers as well, and that the third digit, if any was given at all, might stand for the variant or handle version of the respective model.

Such three-digit models are therefore always indicated with an alternate spelling in my lists. Whether this thesis is actually true, may be clarified in the future.

Following is a list of all yet known model numbers.

Brandgiven model no.possible model no.
Kain-Abel22Model 22
Elsine272Model 27, Variant 2
Kain-Abel557Model 55, Variant 7
Bromeso684Model 68, Variant 4
Kain-Abel72Model 72
Kain-Abel77 1/2Model 77, Variant 1 (of 2)
Kain-Abel811Model 81, Variant 1
Kain-Abel89Model 89