The »Bromeso« brand

Judging both from the state of preservation and the design of the Bromeso razors, it must be assumed that Bromeso is the oldest brand from the house of Emil Broch.

This assumption is supported by the fact that so far only a few models of the Bromeso series are known at all. One of the models is engraved with “Bromeso Solingen” on the front of the angle, and with “10 Jahre Garantie” (“10 years warranty”) on the back. Another one carries the angle engraving “Bromeso” in a frame with rounded corners.

The handle material used was mostly monochromatic bakelite, or celluloid imitating mother-of-pearl. The last-mentioned handle material sometimes can be found bearing the lettering “Special”, showing the close relationship to the Kain + Abel Special series. Another similarity with the Kain-Abel mark can be found in the blade width, which seems to be 5/8 inch in nearly all cases.

In addition, a celluloid handle is known which provides the lettering “Bromeso” in a navette-like form.

But one of the oldest Bromeso razors is probably this item with a direct Connection to Emil Broch on it’s box.

Obviously, Emil Broch also made safety razor blades under this brand name – or commissioned them – as was the case with the Elsine brand. But since I could only find one single old blade on the internet, I can not (yet) give any detailed information in this regard.

For a complete listing of all known models, please visit the Bromeso Register.

Sales market

Judging from the German markings and inscriptions on the boxes, Bromeso seems to be the only brand by Emil Broch that was primarily intended for the German market – and obviously remained it over the years.

The word mark Bromeso

Bromeso is also the only word mark by Emil Broch where its origin is obvious: it is a composite word from the three terms Broch, Merscheid and Solingen. Such a composition of the name of the company founder with the district and the city was quite common at that time. Accordingly, there are many other brand names that end in the suffix “-so”. Some examples are: Armeso, Robuso, Caroso, Gradeso and Haboso.